Bar Recyclart is a restaurant with 100% vegetable dishes, we work with seasonal vegetables and ban practicly all industrially processed food. Creativity and experimentation are central to a healthy, sustainable and ecological cuisine. The promotion of veganism is an important aspect of our mission: to show that fully plant-based cuisine can be surprising and very tasty. We are focused on the short chain and strive for zero waste. 

Bar Recyclart is part of the social economy: we work with people in an employment programme, both in the kitchen and behind the bar. This work programme offers an opportunity to lower-skilled, long-term jobseekers to find a place elsewhere on the labour market after two years of taste and work experience with us.  

You can join us for a vegan lunch on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and every Tuesday evening we offer a gourmet five-course menu. During evening events of the Arts Centre we are often open with a limited menu. 

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