Lunch menu of the week

Every week a new menu with fresh seasonal vegetables

The menu of the week

  • Soupe of the day + homemade bread and dip

    5 €
  • Curry

    Thai curry with peanuts, teriyaki seitan, basmati rice, homemade pickles
    12 €
  • Ravioli

    Jerusalem artichoke and mushroom ravioli, white miso, grilled vegetables, rucola, preserved tomatoes
    13 €
  • Mezze

    Seitan roast, parsnip mousse, soy leek wonton, cream of peas, quiche, hakoboroboro, grilled vegetables, kohlrabi schnitzel, radish salad with wakame
    14 €
  • Dessert

    Panna Cotta pear-balm, peach syrup, hibiscus tuile, raspberry powder
    5 €