Five course menu of the month for 44€

Every Tuesday evening, we welcome you for a gastronomic five-course menu. Only on reservation.


  • Entrée

    Duo of croquettes of cabbage and lacto-fermented mushroom, quince chutney, fennel jelly with kombucha, kohlrabi wakame salad
  • Entrée

    Sprouted wheat bread, carrot cream with saffron, Granny Smith with peppermint, capers with coarse salt, cauliflower pickles with turmeric


  • Main dish

    Wonton of leeks and lacto-fermented soya, dashi broth, fried daikon, fermented cabbage powder, leek shoots
  • Main dish

    Porcini , seitan and roasted chestnutpie, apple-chicon salad, pumpkin oil, nut crumble with black pepper


  • Dessert

    Vanilla tartlet with preserved blueberries