Five course menu of the month for 44€

Every Tuesday evening, we welcome you for a gastronomic five-course menu. Only on reservation.


  • Entrée

    Tofu stuffed lolot leaves, plums, shiitake, radish salad with wakame, poached peach, horseradish-whipped cream
  • Entrée

    Tomato, watermelon and chipotle broth, chickpea polenta with olives, fried black radish vermicelli, kale powder


  • Main dish

    Seitan schnitzel with seaweed, buckwheat pancake, melon tartare with lemon balm, dried tomatoes, fava mousse with capers
  • Main dish

    Cucumber fermented with kefir, pea juice with peppermint, lacto-fermented mung beans, candied tomato, pickles


  • Dessert

    Panna cotta of pear and lemon balm, peach syrup, tuile with hibiscus, raspberry powder